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The Gypsy Chronicles Series
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Book Two: Gypsy Spirit

Release Date: February 24, 2018

The Gypsy Chronicles return with an all new “spirited” adventure.

Nilah Stefanik, and her lover Joseph (aka that sexy man-beast) are still going strong. Over the past year, Nilah has grown into her Mediumship abilities and is quietly working for her town’s Paranormal Investigation Group.
Nilah’s life seems perfect until one morning when she discovers her former boss, Alicia James-Fogg, in her living room—as a member of the recently and not-so-dearly departed.
Alicia’s haunting is making our favorite Gypsy a little desperate to have things return to ‘normal’. When Nilah’s reckless attempt to rid herself of the obnoxious apparition backfires, it ends up drawing unwanted attention and danger into Nilah’s world.
Now whether she likes it or not, she needs to figure out what happened to the snobby Alicia. Before Nilah ends up a spirit herself.

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Book One: Gypsy At Heart

Release Date: January 23, 2017

"Gypsy At Heart" first appeared as part of the Welcome to Haven Harbor Anthology. Ellen's enchanting novella is now a stand alone that features a sneak peek of the follow up story Gypsy Spirit!

What’s it like living in a town made famous by the witchcraft trials? Not bad actually, but when you’re the only member of the town’s most prominent Gypsy family with no occult powers to speak of…it’s not an easy road to walk.
Meet Nilah Stefanik. She’s sassy, smart and fresh out of grad school. With a ton of student debt, she’s taken a “dead-end” office job at the Fogg Funeral Home in Danvers, Massachusetts. It’s a toss-up as to what her family disapproves of more...her current place of employment, or that she has no discernible psychic or magickal talents of any kind.
Nilah comes from a long line of Polska Roma fortune tellers, mystics, and psychics. Her grandmother, the incomparable Madame Sabina, is an institution in Danvers. Unfortunately, that talent skipped Nilah...or so the family always believed.
Now, paranormal predicaments confound Nilah and draw her into a mystery just in time for Halloween. Deep down, Nilah is a Gypsy at heart, and with a little help from her grandmother and a trouble-making ghost, Nilah may at last uncover the truth about herself and her destiny.

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